Bunkr…has the need for Powerpoint finally come to an end?

I’ve never really been a big fan of Powerpoint. Ever since I got into multimedia, I always found a way to bypass using Microsoft’s boring and sometimes clunky application. I would rather hand code HTML, mow my lawn or give up meat, than create a PP slide deck for a presentation. We are all living in the world of tablets, mobile devices and the cloud. Bunkr is a cloud-based productivity tool that helps you and your team create and organize all your presentations in one place from anywhere on any device. No setup, simple to use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Find out more about Bunkr here.

Made in America – Capital Sunglasses

Been pretty busy lately and haven’t had much time to share my thoughts. But I have been finding some innovative products on the web as of late. One of those hails from the Bay Area. Capital is an independent eyeglass design and manufacturing studio. I have been looking for some wooden frames for sometime and I think these “wood’ be perfect! I’m not sure if the frames can be ordered and customized to fit prescription lenses. Check out the video.

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Girls, music video, Beyonce….why not.

Sometimes its good for filmmakers to break from the norms of production. Scripts, budgets, egos and talent, can make you want to roll up in a ball a scream. That’s why it cool to do fun projects with a cool crew and an awesome cast. Originally I was asked to edit the music video parody but later, I was asked to DP. It’s been a while since I really shot anything so it was a good time to work out all the cobwebs. We used a few Canon t3i DSLRs, a mix of L, Sigma, FD lenses for the 2 day shoot. For a small crew, we definitely managed our time well and even used a jib, slider and DIY steadicam. Enjoy!

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Shooting an action film…sort of.

Sometimes it’s great to work on projects that let you be creative. Not that corporate video projects don’t allow for creativity. I recently had the chance to work with the law enforcement organization FALEO on a promo video. When I was approached, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. But after a few youtube examples that Deputy Reymundo pointed me to, I was sure that we could put together a video that would be better quality than most of the videos out there. What they wanted was a promo for their upcoming pistol match in July. Now, I have never worked with live rounds before and really didn’t know the limitations for filmming. I knew that I had to be rather discrete and fast because of location. So, I had to pack light and small and since this was a “PrEditor” type project, I was a one man band.

My gear for the day was a Canon t3i with 17-35mm f/2.8 USM L and a 50mm 1.8, and a canon hfs10 mounted on a helmet. A few other DIY rigs and slider, I was ready to shoot…literally. I will be adding a tutorial and workflow soon. In the meantime, enjoy the roughcut of the project.

Blackmagic Designs announces it’s 1st digital cinema camera

It’s NAB time and I sure do miss walking the floors in Vegas. It’s been a while since I have had any time to grace the floors of one of the most anticipated events for video and film fanatics. Anyway, I’m definitely waiting for the crew from OliviaTech.com to post their reviews and reports from the show. But for now, here’s a video from David Pierce from The Verge featuring the new cinema camera from Blackmagic Designs. Blackmagic Designs, a company perhaps best known among film-makers for its external recording boxes, has announced its first camera – the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. It captures 2.5K (2432 x 1366) 12bit RAW footage with a claimed 13 stops of dynamic range on a sensor that is, at 16.64 x 14.04mm, slightly smaller than the Four Thirds standard. It features a Canon EF mount and the compact body includes a capacitive touchscreen and a Thunderbolt connection. Did I mention the sub $3k price tag?

Family time


Lately, my weekends have been consumed by film sets and production. This weekend, was dedicated to much needed family time. We watched The Lorax at Camera 7 in Campbell, which was really fun. The Prunyard are is a great area with a ton of food options, bars, bakeries, cafes and boutique shops. If you are ever in Campbell, check it out.

Our Sunday started with breakfast at Prolific Oven in the Rivermark Shopping plaza. Awesome breakfast and coffee selection. I had my favorite Mexican omelete and cup of San Francisco blend coffee.

Next we took off to San Carlos to check out The Reading Bug for a possible birthday location for our young reader. The shop is located in beautiful downtown San Carlos. The shop is straight out of a Meg Ryan movie! Best kids bookstore by far!

Holiday shopping

I’m never the one to start my shopping early. Sure I use online services to get some good deals, but I like going out and seeing what I am buying.

I support local brands, and wear them exclusively. They might be a bit more expensive but the quality is much better. The best part about shopping at boutique stores is you wont have to fight through the long lines and deal with parking garages.

I guess I’ll start checking off things soon.

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